Technology and Service Suppliers


Bimedical s.r.o. – The patent owner and provider of anexclusive license for manufacture and marketing of the BIOCOL containing products

Aucon s.r.o. – Supply of technologies and control system technologies in the biotechnological manufacture

Protem s.r.o. – Supply of technological stainless steel distribution system in the biotechnological manufacture

Techmix s.r.o. – Supply of stirrers for the biotechnological manufacture

PROFI-kompresory s.r.o. – Supply of technologies for compressed air in the biotechnological manufacture

Membrain s.r.o. – Supply of filtration membranes (microfiltration, nanofiltration) for the biotechnological manufacture, optimisation of filtration

Envites s.r.o. – Supply of industrial filtration for the biotechnological manufacture, optimisation of filtration

Biomedica s.r.o. – Pharmaceutical company for capsule manufacture and box assembling

CLS Technology AS – Supplier and manufacturer of BETOX-93™ with 93% purity(Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan)

Ekocentrum Ovalab s.r.o. – Chemical and microbiological assays of the substance

Výzkumný ústav organických syntéz a.s. – Testing, chemical and microbiological assays of the substance, certification as per relevant manufacture process

Výzkumný ústav potravinářství Praha v.v.i. – Collaboration in research, development and verification of semi-operational biotechnological manufacture and the microbiological strain processing

Mikrobiologický ústav Akademie věd ČR v.v.i. – Collaboration in the biotechnological manufacture

Vynález s.r.o. – Legal representation for Industrial Property Office - trademark, patent, licence

Advokátní kancelář KAVALÍR a REJSEK – Legal representation for business law